Kerkesoucha Granary (Location)

Kerkesoucha Granary (Location)

A giant granary in Faiyum Oasis. You'll hunt a target here during your main quest search for the Crocodile.

The granary is vast, as big as some cities, so scan carefully before your assault. If your're loking to complete the location objectives at the same time here, note that two of the treasures are in the villa, on the second floors of the west and north buildings.

The other two are in the command post in the center of the granary grounds.

It's actually not a bad idea to infiltrate the villa during the day. Security is light, the civilians won't do anything if they see you, and all you have to do is hop the wall to get in.

Go to the balcony where a crowd is listening to someone sing the praises of Berenike, and enter the door east.

Find the treasure on a small round table there, next to a letter of congratulations.

Go back out to the orator's balcony, and now go through the south doorway. The second treasure is in a red chest by the railing.

Sneak along the Granary wall to the east. You can either sneak right over the gate guards, or assassinate them in passing.

You can kill the watchtower guard here as well, but your real goal is the next watchtower over, east down the wall.

Kill the guard and survey the area. Your target is the lone captain that likes to patrol the catwalks here.

Snipe until dead.

Now head toward the command office. Time your approach, as riders and convoys often pass down this road.

When the road is clear, kill the front door guard and drag him inside

In this room, in a small box on the war table, is the third treasure.

Upstairs is the commander, doing paperwork with a giant metal shield strapped to his back. Diligent guy.

Kill him, then turn around to spot the last treasure in a large red chest beyond the bed.

This just leaves the final captain, a heavy who hangs out in the nearby enclosure.

Lure him close enough to a wall or roof that you can execute a drop kill (or, of course, just snipe him).

This death completes the location.

If you want to spend even more time here, you can rescue the civilians in the cage east of the command center.

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