King of Kings (Main Quest)

King of Kings (Main Quest)

This quest spawns automatically when speaking to Tahemet in Nobles Necropolis, during the main quest. This can be a little odd, as you can't activate it right away. best bet is to complete the Blood in the Water questline, then return to Tahemet to continue this one, which sends you on the sub quest A Pharaoh's Heart and Name .

When you've completed that, make tracks for the House of millions of years of Usermaatra-setepenra. It will be very well guarded.

As usual, the high ropes and pillars tops are the best way to navigate the area. Your objective is being carried by one bandit.

He can be hard to isolate in the crowd, so have the choice of a dive & dash, trying to lure him away, or just massacring everyone. You don't need to confirm this kill, so option one is pretty viable.

Follow the map to the Tomb of Ramesses the Great.

A cutscene plays in the sarcophagus room, leading you to cross once more into the afterlife.

As usual, there's a watery walkway, with snipeable enemies at the far end.

Past them and through some cobwebbed temples is the afterlife realm of Heb Sed.

Heb Sed's main feature is its frequent sandstorms. They can be a boon to stealth, but be careful, especially in the open deserts. Sandstorms can also spawn parties of Anubis soldiers out of nowhere, that instantly detect and attack you.

With that in mind, follow your marker to the bird that lured you here, and ask the hard-hitting questions.

This starts two more sub quests: A Pharaoh's Ka and A Pharaoh's Hemset.

When those have been completed, return to the Battlefield of Kadesh.

Go to your marker to begin the fight. Ramsses is big and slow- wait until he finishes his attacks, then rush in and go to town. You can also use warrior bows to excellent effect in breaking his charges, and building your adrenaline.

There's no time limit, so you can afford to play this one cautiously. When you do defeat Ramsses, you'll get his Keeper of Harmony weapon, and mission completion.

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