Love or Duty (Side Quest)

Love or Duty (Side Quest)

Pick up this sidequest in Aaru, by talking to a seated man in the House of Threshed Grain.

His wife's soul has not reunited with him, and the answer may lie in the Lodge of Names.

Clear a path by sniping from the grass (or pursuing the slaughter method of your choice), then follow your marker to the Annals in the taller building here.

Consult the Annals, which will leave you in need of bread and incense. Trot on over to the nearby Royal Bakery.

Use your pulse to reveal bread locations. There are many more than you need, so you can pick the easiest ones to get to, if you're looking to avoid a fight. In particular, there are are no guards in the underlevel of the bakery.

Smash the gold-marked pots to earn you your daily bread.

When you've got four, your animus pulse will immediately switch to locating incense, though this isn't made very clear. As with the bread, there are multiple locations, but one shares the 'stage' with the middlemost location treasure.

With these delectables in hand, follow your marker to a room on the underlevel of Nefertiti's temple-palace.

Activate the brazier, then follow the ball of light.

You'll be following it for some time, over hill and dale, hither and yon. It will wait for you if you get dragged into a combat encounter, or turned around, so don't worry too much about keeping up. If you ever lose it, look down- part of the path includes the secret entrance to the House of Libations wine cellar.

Through the cellar and back up to the surface, the lightball will enter the body of a jackalman. Do the only honorable thing, by assassinating that jackalman.

A cutscene plays, intimating that all the jackalman are souls kept in servitude, sometimes for thousands of years. Making you a hero for killing so many, one supposes. Though one must also wonder, given how many people you've killed above ground, if now you're killing some of them twice? In anycase, completing the scene completes the mission.

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