Luxor (Location)

Luxor (Location)

The three-spear luxury fortress in downtown Thebes. It also contain plot goals for the Master of Secret Things and A Pharaoh's Heart and Name sidequests

It's a big place, but less mazelike than some three-spears we've braved. Do make a note of the secret passage toward the north end- it's conveniently placed for both treasure access and side quest resolution.

Go through the passage and take the stairs up into the main hall. Look west to see one of the location treasures.

Don't just dash for it, though, the hallway is almost certainly being watched from the north and/or south.

You can either kill these observers, or evade their gaze by climbing the pillars.

Either way, snag that treasure, then return to the secret stairs. From there go directly south, down a similar ramp.

This leads to the Luxor treasury. There's another location treasure here, a box of carbon crystals on a desk dead ahead. This also where you can pick up stopper for Ramssess' wife's canopic jar, in the sunnier part of the horde.

Return to the main hall. The commander and a captain share an office in the room south, and just to the right (west). Kill or lure away the door sentry to slip into the room, and stealth-kill the two officers in turn.

Proceed west, slipping under a stretched tapestry, and then north through a hole in the wall.

You can use the bushes here to quietly eliminate local hostiles. The giant shieldy one is the last captain.

When clear, come around to the south, following the trail of another location treasure.

Slip in the window to loot this white chest.

Sneak or sneak-kill back along the balcony area, until you can turn east and enter the prisoner yard in the north of the compound.

The tent with the final treasure has a conveniently west-facing backflap- sneak through to loot the red chest here and complete the location.

Note than you can free the prisoners here as well, but you pretty much have to kill all the nearby guards to make it work.

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