Maryannu Camp (Heb Sed)

Maryannu Camp

A two-spear fortification in Heb Sed. You raid the place during the Pharaoh's Ka sub quest.

This is a multi-tiered cave camp, with one treasure and officer in the ground level cavern (mostly), and the other officer and treasure on the exposed upper levels.

You can use the bushes to make an initial approach from the west, sneaking by or whistle-killing inattentive guards.

Sneak over to the orange tent here for another concealing shrub path, and a vantage on the commander.

The location treasure is in the cavern's central tent. As ever, sniping everyone is easiest, but you can sneak there unseen with patient timing. You can use the nearby privy to evade patrols, though the thought of still having to use the privy in paradise is a little glummy.

When clear, loot the carbon crystal box inside the tent.

Climb up the back of the outcrop for a vantage on the final officer & treasure.

A good stealth-kill tactic for the captain is to jump from the rock to the red canopy and drop kill him. Otherwise, sniping remains an evergreen option.

Loot the final treasure from the nearby hay & oil corner to complete the location.

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