Master of the Secret Things (Side Quest)

Master of the Secret Things (Side Quest)

A dreamy side quest in Thebes.

Speak to the dream-interpreter in the marketplace to learn of her abducted master.

He's being held in the Luxor, the local three-spear fortress.

The secret entrance (taggable by Senu), is extremely convenient to the kidnapee's location.

Go through the passage and up the stairs. You'll enter a large colonnade- the prisoners are just south of you, but check north for guards before you just go wandering out in the open.

You can evade them with the pillars, but it's probably best to just start exterminating them, particularly in the south area, and particularly particularly if you plan to free the prisoners. Otherwise, suddenly released civvies have that constant knack for sprinting straight into the nearest guard, and getting immediately flattened. Prevent this senseless horror with a little proactive flattening of your own.

Most of the freed prisoners will make for the secret entrance, but several will try to dash through the south gate. Free the Master and leave through whichever exit suits you best.

Once well outside the fort, talk to the master for a new task- retrieving some stolen texts.

Follow your marker to the unnamed farm, but make you final approach cautiously- wild lions are about.

Drive off the lions, then use your animus scan to check for clues. This will lead you down to a hiddenish basement.

Inspect the clues there to learn more about this family than you probably wanted to know, and get a lead on a bandit camp where the texts may have ended up.

This is another nameless location. Like the Flooded Farm, the item you seek is being carried by a bandit, who will be plot-markered.

You can't pick pockets, so a quick round of sniping is the quickest way to reclaim the texts.

Return the texts to the Master for mission completion.

Like the Oracle in the main game, you can return and speak to the Master later for various bits of fourth-wall breaking wisdom.

You can also return here for a final Side Quest, after completing all the afterlife sidequests (there's one in each of the four realms).

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