Mefkat (Location)

This smoking ruin is populated by high level soldiers. Luckily, there's no 'kill captain' goal here, just looting two treasures. En route, however, you might pause to destroy the Ptolemy statue here.

Depending on you level, sneaking by the soldiers is either wise, or downright essential. Luckily the field here makes for many easy places to hide as you run- getting chased can even be a good way to clear your path. In anycase, Senu can ID both lootables toward the east end of town; the first in back of a cart.

The second is trickier- caught up on a tree branch. You can't shoot it down, and can't climb the tree directly, instead you'll need to scale the nearest building and jump through two Y-shaped dead trees to get there.

Be careful not to hold down the jump button, or you'll just swing past and have to start your approach again. Instead wait for Bayek to grab the branch and hang, then pull yourself up. Collecting this second treasure completes the location.

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