Murder in the Temple (Side Quest)

Murder in the Temple (Side Quest)

Another tale of sacrilege and death in Faiyum, this one in the town of Karanis.

Begin by following the marker to a gruesome crime scene, and talking to the rather befuddled beat cop on site.

Head into the nearby temple, the Sarapeion of Karanis, to gather more evidence. The trail begins at the chair,

to the foot of the statue,

up the statue to the mask on its shoulder,

across the stained catwalk,

to the letter on the bloodstained bed.

You're a stone's throw from the local papyrus, just behind the screen to your left, so grab that if you haven't already.

Speak the cop below, and he'll lead you to an overlook, where you can see the High Priest in mortal danger.

It's probably easiest just to mow them down with the Predator Bow, but if you'd rather sneak, you can use the walls to get around them, and drop in from above.

Either way, killing the last one triggers a convo with the priest, and follow-up with the cop.

Finishing both colloquies completes the mission.

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