My Brother For a Horse (Side Quest)

My Brother For a Horse (Side Quest)

A little pick-up sidequest in Kyrenaika

Speak with the blue toga'd man at the quest marker to learn about the theft of his awesome horse.

Follow your marker to the quatermaster (sic) in the Archile Pandocheion. You can't talk to him, persuade him, or threaten him- your only means of negotiation is death. Nearby NPCs will be taken aback, but not violent.

His death nets the 'Requisition List' quest item, and points you toward Chersonesos Roman Fort for recovering Hermes.

Note that the horse is usually doing laps well outside the fort- Senu can tag him and his guards. A roadside ambush is an easy way to reacquire Hermes, particularly if you've already cleared the Fort (and if you haven't check out our location guide).

Whether you snag Hermes inside or outside the fort, your last task is to ride him back home. Bayek has a really good time.

Drop Hermes off with his owner to complete the mission.

You do also earn a rare mount, just not Hermes.

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