National Treasures (Side Quest)

National Treasures (Side Quest)

A side quest in Yebu Nome, in the hostile Swenett Outpost.

The marker leads you to a captive. Once you free him, the two of you will have to slaughter your way out, so consider doing a little pre-slaughtering on your way in. Speak to him once you're clear of the camp.

Follow your marker to the site where Kanika was ambushed.

Look close, and you'll like see another ambush in the making.

Destroy the bandits, then investigate the site for clues. This will send you following a blood trail east.

The guy you're following is already dead, but his horse still lives. Dispatch any wildlife that may be chasing it.

You don't have to stop the horse to continue, just get close enough to loot the corpse, which will yield the Papryus of Pentjiu.

With that in hand, join up with your escapee at the Old Kingdom Excavation Site. Kanika will plunge right into the camp, so consider some presnipinghere, particularly of anyone in the near watchtower.

Continue to provide cover as he runs heedlessly through camp, to the Cave of Endless Sorrows (sounds good for a laugh).

Once the soldiers are off your back, speak to him in the cave to acquire the Daggers of Tutankhamen (a dual blade set), and mission completion.

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