Necropolis of the Nobles (Location)

Necropolis of the Nobles (Location)

A maze of tunnels in the Theban Necropolis, and part of the main quest.

It's easiest to find the treasures here while doing the Blood in the Water quest, as each of the treasures is very close to one of the inscriptions, which will be gold marked . Enter through the door that Tahemet indicates, and smash open the first scarab wall you pass (it'll be on your left).

Go all the way down the stairs. Just east of the room with the relic mural where 'the rays are missing,' find a red chest with one treasure.

Return to the mural room and smash the breakable wall to the northeast, then ambush any overcurious guards. Step out, and head northwest to the Amun mural chamber. The treasure is in a white chest in the center of the room (along with a pile of other objects).

Head east out of that chamber, and keep bearing left. The passage ends with a ladder leading upward. Remember this room for later- you'll be back.

Atop the ladder, along with some highly ambushable guards, and the descendants mural, is the final treasure in a red chest. Loot it to complete the location.

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