New Kid in Town (Side Quest)

New Kid in Town

This quest spawns in Sapi-Res Nome, near the heart of Letopolis.

Begin by talking to the shouty man on the dais- he'll direct you toward one of the town newcomers.

This Nehi has just been robbed of all he owns- Bayek will want to fix that for him.

Follow your marker to the perpetrators' camp, among some ruins in the desert.

There's a treasure here, though it's not a location objective objective.

The bandits seem scripted to detect you, so take them out (none of them shields, so mowing them down is relatively simple).

When you're clear, take the cart back to Nehi.

Talk to him again for his new worry- creepy symbols in his house. Go find Mr. Shouty to learn more.

Use Senu to ID the three people you need to talk about the house symbols, two toward the north edge of town, one more southerly.

Talk to the NPCs and view their walls (the southerly one will have them on the upper floor of the house). View all of them to reveal a prophetic message.

This isn't really a prophecy, and following its instructions are more trouble than it's worth. Instead just look at your map for the first ruins west of Letopolis- in this case the site directly southwest of the Letopolis fast travel icon.

Senu will reveal the treasure in a small, almost completely sunken structure, as well as roving bandits accompanied by lions.

Use the ruins to ambush nearby bandits.

When you've cleared enough of them for safe passage (and this may be all of them), enter the cracked wall.

Im what's becoming something of a staple, smash the pots with a spear, and keep smashing, because snakes are hidden inside. That Icarus kid would be so proud.

Pulse scan to find four clues- the bodies,

the fallen cup on the pillar,

the Sekhmet statue,

and the papyrus on the desk.

This reveals the truth of the abandoned city.

Tell Nehi of your findings to complete the mission.

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