Nile Outpost (Location)

Nile Outpost (Location)

A well-staffed enemy encampment in the southern Theban Necropolis.

Both the treasure and the captain's quarters are on the east side of camp, the captain to the south and the treasure toward the north.

Unusually, the brazier is just a hop away from the street outside. To forestall later unpleasantness, jump up and trap it.

Use the rope here to cross over to the open-roofed building.

Drop down and loot the red chest for the location treasure.

All the entrances to the captain's office tend to be watched, but there is a wooden-panel window in the back that you can smash. Do so, but don't enter the building.

Instead, wait for him to investigate the noise, and ambush him as he comes around the corner. His death completes the location.

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