Nomarch's Tomb (Location)

Nomarch's Tomb (Location)

A special tomb location in the Black Desert.

Drop down the giant hole to join the party.

Follow the passage down, looting and reading. At the bottom you'll find a boat that's been turned into a sort of seesaw. There's also a movable rack that can be stuffed under the ends of the boat, locking it into a ramp.

If you want all the loot this place has to offer, including some silica, change the initial position of the boat (by running up and lending the end fall beneath you), before moving the rack into place. Then completely loot the ground floor, using your scan to find wayward shinies. Then you can jump up to the second level.

As with the ground floor, scan constantly to detect the local loot. You may need to smash a wall or two to get there.

When you've cleaned out that half of the upper level, drop back down, tilt the boat so the other end is back up, and jump up to the other half of the second level. Scour it clean as usual, leaving the be-scarab'd wall in the corner for last.

When you've looted everything else, smash open that wall to reach the tablet chamber.

Read the tablet for an ability point and location completion.

There's another scarab wall inside this room. Smash it open, and follow the passage until it forks- with one fork having a chunk of silica in it.

Grab the silica, then go back and take the other branch, which will lead you to Seshem.eff Er Aat.

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