Okteres Blockade (Location)

Okteres Blockade (Location)

A cluster of Roman triremes in Faiyum. You'll visit them during the Sobek's Gold side quest.

Start at the prow of the eastmost boat and work your way aft. Your first kill will likely be the blockade's captain- you don't need the kill the rest, but it can prevent complications later.

When done, turn your attention to central ship in the blockade, ie the biggest one.

All the interesting stuff is at the prow/north end of the ship- the fleet commander, a location treasure, and a mission objective if you're here during Sobek's Gold. Still, to avoid later entanglements, you may want to again start from the south end and work your way north, killing everyone aboard. With their attention focused outward, this is quick work.

It's only the commander and his guard that might be too close together to be stealthed traditionally. Chainkill or snipe to finish conquering the ship.

The location treasure is in a small box on the commander's desk.

The treasure is on the westmost boat.

As usual, sneaking in from the stern gives a number of killing options, particularly with just three hostiles, and no observers from the central boat.

The treasure itself is in a small red chest inside the command tent.

Claiming it completes the location.

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