One Bad Apple (Side Quest)

One Bad Apple (Side Quest)

This quest is added to your list during The Final Weighing main quest, as you pursue Flavius cross-country. Pick up the thread back in the Balagrae clinic (the same place the old man from the Unseeing Eyes side quest was treated).

Speak to the healer- she'll ask you to speak to her friend in the local temple.

Scans will show him to be on the second level of the well-guarded edifice.

The guards are feeling twitchy, so approach unseen by climbing the building to the south, then ropewalking over, slipping through a window.

The water bearer is on the other side of the hall, but he's not doing well.

Speak with him and he'll mutter insanely, then collapse.

You'll have to carry him out, and it can't be the way you came in. Take him down stairs and go left, then head to the front of the temple, keeping to the shrubs (do not go all the way left down the garden there, it's a dead end).

If you do need to stop and assassinate along the way, there's a handy pile of palm leaves where you can stash your charge for a few minutes.

Just keep shrubbing until you can make a break for the main stairs.

Drop off the waterbearer at the clinic, but your healer friend has not returned. Clues in the mad babble lead you to seek out an ominous Shrine of Whispers.

Follow your marker to a doorway in a tiny mountain cleft.

Approach from the high side walls for the tactical advantage.

You'll have to kill everyone here sooner or later, so use your favorite combination of dropkills, chain assassinations, sniping, and/or exploding the oilpots in order the clear the entrance.

Enter the cave to find various dark doings.

There are three hostiles here, including the priestess. You could just snipe her, but sneaking out on the ropes for a dropkill seems more dramatic.

Dispose of the other two hostiles, and free your friend.

Then free the other prisoners- there are two cages on the lower level, and two on an upper level.

There are also some interesting documents here- including a report on you.

When ready, exit the area with Praxilla for a conversation that completes the mission.

This also earns you Cyrene's Spear- made all the more valuable because there seem to be so few legendary spears available in the game.

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