Pharos Garrison (Location)

Pharos Garrison (Location)

The tall tower fort northwest of the city.

The Pharos Garrison is very well guarded, nearly as well as the palace itself. That's not quite the same as being dangerous, but if you do want to take a stealthy approach, step carefully. Start by using Senu to ID the local treasures- both high in the tower.

Then you'll want to tag the captain and commander for elimination. The captain patrols a lot, at least around dawn and dusk, but the commander can often be found snoozing in his quarters, atop the wall at the northeast corner of the fort.

There are many place to ambush the patrolling captain, but staircases remain an ideal place to shadow and subdue your prey without being spotted. There are also many places where a drop attack will work, but these assaults are often more visible.

As for the other guards- most of the wall sentries face outward, and it takes a lot a attract their attention. More dangerous are the patrollers, who tend to move clockwise through the fortress grounds. If you're not going to evade them, a reliable strategy is to ambush a guard in a dark corner, then ambush the next patroller who comes across him, and then the next patroller who comes across that guy, etc, etc.

When you've cleared the grounds to your satisfaction, ascend the tower near the giant seated statues. You're aiming for the scaffolding jutting out above the head of the lefthand figure.

This will swing you around the corner to some more scaffolding.

Near the top of those platforms is an open window. Swing inside to gain access to the tower interior.

Follow your marker to the first (lowermost) treasure- red chest a small room off the main ramp.

For the next, you'll need to go the top level here, and exit through a window again.

Scale the outer building, then window back inside, and take the stairs up to the next level.

Scale the mini-parpet here, and duck inside to find the final treasure in a very small box. Looting it completes the location.

Loot the other jars here, then step outside to claim the fast travel point for later use.

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