Phylakitai in the Eye (Side Quest)

Phylakitai in the Eye (Side Quest)

Another Phanos side quest in Alexandria (following The Symposiasts).

Phanos is just wandering around Alexandria. Catch up and speak with him to launch this side quest.

You may or may not be immediately attacked by city guards, but they'll be the run-of-mill, less-than-level-ten sorts.

Now it's time to track down your targets, all roughly clustered in the north of the city.

The armory you've visited before- it's where the script was being held. This time, your goal is to kill everyone there.

The linear layout the place makes it ideal for drop kills, and ambushing people coming to look at the every-growing pile of bodies.

The boat is in the little harbor by the palace steps.

It's just two guys- some quick sniping saves you a swim.

The same is essentially true of the charioteer, who races east/west along the northern streets on Alexandria.

You may want to whistle up a mount to corner him more quickly, but once he's in range the predator bow can take care of the rest. Do note you have two targets aboard.

Catch up with Phanos again to complete the mission.

You also earn the mount Basus.

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