Plight of the Rebels (Side Quest)

Plight of the Rebels (Side Quest)

A late-game sidequest launched in the Isolated Desert.

Speak to the schoolteacher in the rebel fort for the first part of this multipart quest.

Follow the marker to Camp Hetoimazo

It's a sparse enemy camp, prone to rebel attack.

If rebels are attacking, use your predator bow to help even the odds, especially against the captain.

When the battle is over, check the captain's tent for a red chest.

Looting it completes the location.

Find and free your missing rebels from the cages behind the southmost tent.

Follow them out of camp, and speak with them when you can.

This will set you following one of the rebels to Alexander's Temple.

Expect an ambush as you arrive, and deal with it like a level 40 Medjay should.

Take a moment, if you haven't yet, to grab the local treasure from the eastern ruins

Enter the temple proper to begin an investigation.

There are several clues, high and low, but the plot advancer is the blocked passage at the bottom of the stairs down.

Use Senu to find the hidden passage in the swimming hole to the south.

Swim through passage, and follow the tunnel through a crack into a roomful of snakes.

Kill them.

When they're all dead (and remember that even snakes grant a headshot bonus), loot the white chest to the left to complete the location.

Speak to Hetanu for more of the story.

When ready, smash the pots that are keeping the rack from moving, then slide it out of the way.

Rejoin your rebel friend, then follow the trail of other missing child to Theos Elpis Rift. By the time you arrive, it's under attack. Dive into the fray and defend the rebels.

When all hostiles are down, speak your rebel liaison to learn that the girl has been kidnapped, and the kidnapper-in-chief is roaming the roads, waiting to be assassinated.

The girl, of course, is priority one, and she's being held at the Pissa Oros Citadel, in the Isolated Desert.

It's a giant place, so scan thoroughly, but luckily all the treasures are grouped together in the central building.

A good access point is the passage under the southwest arches.

Climb in and up to emerge near the two major south parapets. One of the captains patrols around here, and it's an ideal time to take him out (along with nearby targets of opportunity).

The second captain also like to hang near here, on the other side of the central causeway, but he can't be taken out so easily.

As one of those phylakes-tough officers, your best best is to lure him into the darkest part of the training yard, where you can take him apart with causing to much ruckus. And frankly, he's probably glad to be free of his unspecified but clearly monstrous and untreatable glandular disorder.

Stash the body and clear nearby targets, then head for the central building.

Dispatch the courtyard guard, and stalk/snipe any wall guards who take notice.

Enter the commander's quarters for an easy backstab.

Loot the white chest in these rooms, and the carbon crystals on the side table.

Exit back into the courtyard, and sneak up the big stairs to your right. Follow them up to the watchtower, where a red chest waits.

Cross the walkway northwest to the next watchtower, and loot the small red chest there to complete the location.

Head back toward the commander's office. You'll find a cart on the way (the one with the objective marker). Draw close to find that Istellah is already plotting her own delivery.

You can free the nearby prisoners or not (they cause chaos, for good or for ill), but mount the cart when ready and head for freedom.

Freedom is eastward. Jog slightly left around a stairway, but don't turn- keep heading east (by southeast) to spot your way out.

Take the cart to the indicated rebel camp, and dismount to trigger a conversation.

Now all you need to do is strike down Medon. Use Senu to track him down on the road.

Catch up with his party and make sure Medon is the first to get an arrow in the skull.

Followed by his driver.

Snipe or cut down the rest of his party (there aren't many), then confirm kill Medon to reclaim Alexander's shield (a mere rare).

This final kill completes the mission.

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