Pompeius Magnus (Main Quest)

Pompeius Magnus (Main Quest)

This quest begins immediately after the completion of  Lies of the Scarab.

As Aya, you'll command a mercenary trireme in the Aegean. Things start simply enough, as you steer from point to point.

Soon you'll do battle with an enemy vessel. Remember to aim for the weakspots. Also, don't under- estimate the range of your arrows- they can reach farther than you'd think.

When the first one goes down, two more take its place. An almost-dead ship deals as much damage as any other, so pick one target and focus fire. As you steer, try to keep the target ship between you and the other vessel.

As you get into open waters, you'll find another three ships attacking your potential ally. Use the same tactics to send them to the sea bed.

Your ship is much, much tougher than your opponents', so this is not a very difficult fight. When it's over, meet with the Roman general for a cutscene.

This ends the Aya sequence, and the mission.

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