Predator to Prey (Side Quest)

Predator to Prey (Side Quest)

This quest is available in Tahira's cave in Herakleion Nome after you've completed the Reunion side quest.

Speak to Tahira for her plans to drive out the Romans.

Follow her first to Desher Bluff, where the Romans are hunting flamingos.

There's a fair number of hostiles, but you can actually stealth them all by sticking very close to the bluff itself, and working your way around counterclockwise.

If things do go bad, the bluff itself makes a dandy shield/sight-breaker/leap-attack-launcher. When all the Romans are dead, follow Tahira back to the Sobek shrine.

There are a lot of enemies here too, but they're all distracted, separated by walls, and sometimes being eaten by crocodiles.

They do move around a bit, so use the high walls and thick reeds here to take them out as you like.

Your third and final destination is the Hippopotamus Lair in Herakleion Nome.

The rampaging hippos make this more of a pitched battle, so wade in- focusing on the Romans that are not being mauled.

When all the Romans are dead, this mission completes.

Note that you do get a nice quality bow out of the arrangement.

Also note that, even if Roman soldiers kill the alpha hippo, you can still complete the lair location by looting its corpse.

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