Prologue (Main Quest)

The game begins with something novel for Assassin's Creed- a difficulty setting. This setting can be changed during gameplay- at the moment there doesn't seem be anything to lose or gain by doing so (no achievements for beating the game on hard, or an insane mode), but watch this space for further developments.

In anycase, the game begins with an extended cutscene. This humble village is prosperous, but soon it will grow, and advance. Can you create a civilization that will stand the test of- no wait, that's a different game. In this one, things go very badly in the year between that scene and the next, which sees you inside a darkened pyramid, covered in blood.

It's only after this scene plays out that the interactive part of the game begins, pitting you against a vengeful bodyguard.

The game will guide you through the combat controls for locking on to and striking your enemy. Using spacebar to dodge around him and strike is a consistently good strategy, but note that the game won't automatically throw you forward when you strike, so judge distances carefully. After a time you'll break through the floor here, and the guard will acquire a shield.

You'll learn how to shield break, but dodging around to his left-hand side (the one without the mace) still seems to be the best strategy.

Loot his body for a mace- slower than your sword, but slightly deadlier. Equip it and move on.

Use your Pulse to locate the secret exit. The crawling scarabs here are another clue that there's a hidden door nearby.

Once inside, pull out your torch as instructed to reveal the room.

Use your Pulse to reveal the lootables here. There are two main caches, one on either side of the room, and both with multiple entrances, on both the lower and upper tier. Follow the glowing triangles to (somewhat tediously) loot the offerings here.

When ready, return to the upper level, either by climbing the walls and pillars, or just walking near the entrance where the sand is higher. At this level you'll see a marker leading to the next area. Jump over to it.

Leave the torch behind as instructed, and climb up one of the statues.

From the top of the statue, jump down to the lit ledge. Inside this room, scarabs reveal another hidden passage. Break it open.

Outside, your exit is blocked by soldiers, and fighting.

Take them out with your mace. Note that your default attack is a straight-ahead, overhead swing. You'll need to be moving to the side to get a wider attack. Still, these guys are nothin.' Kill 'em, loot their fallen bodies, and greet your friend.

This leads to your first new quest of the game- The Oasis.

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