Rebel Strike (Side Quest)

Rebel Strike (Side Quest)

This Faiyum side quest is a direct follow-up to A Rebel Alliance from Saqqara Nome.

Join up with Theo's men at the objective marker.

A dramatic cutscene leads to a raid on the Beached Trireme Camp.

As ever, use NPCs to flank enemies, but also make a point of killing anyone who goes for the brazier before you get a chance to sabotage it. At least one soldier will make a sprint for it as soon as the rebels are spotted.

The camp captain will get cut down in the melee, just like all the other hostiles.

When there are just a few enemies left, they'll be marked with yellow arrows. The last will likely be the guard on the southwest gate, oblivious to the slaughter behind him.

The death of the last hostile begins a cutscene which ends the mission.

You can still talk with Theodoros afterwards, for a bit of wrap-up.

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