Recon Work (Side Quest)

Recon Work (Side Quest)

You can pick this one up from the informant table in Cleopatra's Herakleion palace, but the camp is far to the west of there.

Boat on over to discover Mithidrates Roman Camp.

The camp treasure is actually in the stern of the docked boat. Snipe the guard on the dock, then climb up the stern and dropkill the guard below.

This gives you easy access to the red treasure chest.

The low houses here make it easy to kill the captain as well (if you don't just want to shoot him). Hop from roof to roof to get a vantage on him.

Dropkill for location completion.

Now back to the recon- go inside the hut behind the captain to inspect his warplans.

You can also check out the giant elephant harness outside,

the smashed bodies in the next hut.

And finally free the prisoners. They'll immediately bolt, so consider pre-sniping the other soldiers first .

Once free, they run quite a ways- just keep up until they're finally willing to chat.

That chat completes the mission.

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