Rites of Anubis (Side Quest)

Rites of Anubis (Side Quest)

This mission begins in the town of Nitria, in Saqqara Nome.

Follow your marker to Nefertari, and subtle indications that everyone here hates your guts.

Follow her through the camp, noting the way everyone growls at you. Apparently the Heron, who you killed in the prologue, was popular here. You- not so popular. Nefertari gives you a quest that might win some small measure of forgiveness- you have to relight the three torches to Anubis that once protected this place, and which your earlier blasphemies have (allegedly) snuffed out.

The northmost torch is closest, on a cliffside platform overlooking a small pool of water.

The platform itself is an investigation area- examine the knocked-over torch to realize it has no head.

The clues lead downward- broken railing, bloodied rocks, and a body floating in the water.

You don't need to examine each of these individually, just dive into the water and use your pulse scan to locate the missing head.

Reassemble to torch for a brief cutscene concerning charms, then produce your torch to light the ceremonial one (no special keypresses- like any torch in the game, Bayek will automatically light it if he's standing close with his own torch in hand)

The southwest torch turns out to be in a hyena lair.

Clear the beasts from the area with deadly force. As always, a spear is ideal for taking on whole packs at a time.

Lighting the torch itself is straightforward.

The last torch is inside the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu, which seems weird. Senu will locate the spot inside.

There's an obvious entrance halfway up the western side, but that's no help right now. If you were to go up, you'd just find a movable rack that's somehow blocked.

So instead, circle around and find the ground level entrance on the north side.

Kill the cobras just inside, and ascend the pyramid interior.

You'll reach a thatched-over section of wall- smash it to reveal metal bars behind.

You can't pass through here, but you can shoot an arrow at the giant pot on the other side of the bars.

This clears the blockage from the sliding rack. So now you can go use that west side entry. Push the rack, and slip past.

This is the area we saw in the prologue, where you killed the Heron. Light the torch here to advance your current mission.

While you're here, you might as well grab the red treasure chest, which completes the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu location.

You should also essay the First Blood Quest, which can be completed just by examining the items in this room.

When you're done inside the tomb, return to Natria and speak again with Nefertari.

Finishing this conversation completes the mission.

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