Roman Camp of Surus (Location)

Roman Camp of Surus (Location)

An elephant camp in the Green Mountains.

As ever, you'll do the most damage by chopping away at elephant's hindfeet with some Tranced sickle swords.

Build adrenaline by running away and firing arrows at the beast- it continues to drop loot bags with more ammo, so you'll seldom run dry.

From time to time, the howdah rider will lob bombs at you. Irritatingly, these cannot be dodged, but you can deflect them with your shield. You should still keep moving, as the bomb might go off nearby, and be careful of quickly thrown successive bombs.

Run away when you need to recover health, then join the fray again. Gear with health-on-hit and adrenaline-on-damage can be handy here. Maintain the pattern for final victory, and an extra ability point.

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