Sapthis Outpost (Location)

Sapthis Outpost (Location)

A sprawling military encampment in Im-Khent Nome.

Note the two treasure locations, one in the central building, and one in the smaller building off to the east.

Approach via the east wall- you can slip through the sleeping quarters for some preemptive self-defense kills.

From the roof, there's a rope over to the first treasure, and the camp commander's office.

After scanning for nearby witnesses, assassinate via the skylight.

Claim the carbon crystal treasure from the small box on the table here.

Look both ways before crossing over to the pigeon tower (lure and kill anyone you see). The tower has a rope leading to the second treasure.

Loot the red chest on the upper level here to claim that treasure.

All that remains is the captain. Sneak to any place within line of sight, and make this easy on yourself.

His death completes the location.

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