Saragina Camp (Location)

Saragina Camp (Location)

A moderately heavy camp in Libue.

It has an interesting layout, so scan carefully. One treasure is atop the central tower, one is slightly underground to the northeast.

With that in mind,enter through a wallbreak in the northeast.

Just go straight forward- you'll walk straight into the treasure room, with the chest to your left.

Take the stairs down.

When you come back up, exit not through the doors, but the hole in the roof. This will let you scamper right up the central tower.

Once up top, kill the sentry, and loot the carbon crystal there.

Both officers here are fairly mobile- one patrols the grounds, and one goes from watchtower to watchtower. Take out the former with a convenient dropkill, or whistle lure into the perimeter bushes.

Use the rope network among the rooftops to get to the second one.

He has no guard, so just sneak up and silence.

This ends the location.

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