Seth-Anat Tomb (Location)

Seth-Anat Tomb (Location)

A tomb paired with an Ancient One site in the deep Desheret Desert.

This tomb is rather in the style of a trench. Start at the west end, and notice the beam of light bouncing off ancient mirrors.

Your job is the find places where the light isn't being reflected (ie wherever the beam stops).

Fix the problem. The most common solution is to drag the mirror out from its recessed position in the wall.

When fixed, the mirror should be casting out a new beam, leading you to the next spot.

Do keep using your pulse as you traverse the trench- there's plenty of minor loot and silica shards here.

You'll pull a few mirrors, burn the cobwebs off the next, then pull again. The mirror after that is also cobwebbed, but inaccessible. Burn off the cobwebs with a fire arrow (you can light one from a dropped torch, if you don't have a legendary bow with the fire effect yet).

Follow the beam indoors, for another cobwebbed mirror.

This room contains ancient tablet, allowing you to complete the location.

But you should still keep following the beam to reach Qeneb too Kah'Aiye.

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