Seven Farmers (Side Quest)

Seven Farmers (Side Quest)

A side quest with an intriguing epilogue, that begins in Uab Nome.

Head to your marker to find a group of farmers hiding amongst the ruins.

Follow their leader, Rai, through the desert and up a cliff (you'll pass by the Stone Circle of Horus as you do).

Having gotten all the way to the top, your next objective is to go right back to the ruins.

You can retrace your steps, or just climb down the cliff.

Back in the ruins, speak to Rai's brothers and prepare for an assault. You can (optionally), place the oil jars in the scattered hay as a trap.

When you're ready to fight, speak to the lookout. This triggers the assault, and you can use firebombs or the lit brazier here to ignite your traps.

Descend and melee any survivors.

When the last one falls, you'll immediately begin a post-battle convo with the survivors. Bayek vows to hunt down the bandit leader responsible, and Rai gives him the (now damaged) bow.

Follow the trail to the Senehem Depths camp to the east. The info you seek will be inside the cave.

What's not inside the cave is any hostile presence- so you can either fight the bandits outside or just approach from the east and drop down by the cave mouth. Either way, the info is on a small wooden table inside (a blue tri will hilight it in your scan-pulse).

Also inside the cave, in the bone pit area, is the camp's sole treasure.

Take it to complete the location.

The head bandit is even further east. Follow your marker to a cave, with ruins (and lions) outside.

Take the stairs down to enter the Tomb of Smenkhkare.

Smash the crumbling wall to gain entry.

As ever in a tomb, be sure to loot thoroughly- you can find silica here, and it doesn't exactly grow on trees. When ready, advance by diving into the dark pool, and following the tunnel forward.

As you emerge, the second-level door you need to get to is dead ahead, but you can't climb up by normal means- you'll have to use the mobile platforms. This is not a weight-distribution puzzle, this is set-one-platform-then-sprint-to-use-the-other-before-it-descends puzzle.

Loot this level and examine the carvings, then go the room with the two platforms against the scaffolded wall (as you emerged form the water, this room would be on your left). Jump up to the elevated platform to lower it. This will create a path an upper doorway on the far wall.

Quickly jump over to this upper level- you'll find yourself in a dusty corner.

Go through the narrow door on your right to score some silica, then go the other way. There's a platform him, step on it to lower it. You now have a path to your goal marker, but surging forward, swinging around the corner, and hopping over the now-high-platform to the upper level.

Once up top, proceed forward into the tablet room. There are only three enemies here- you can take out two at once with a chain assassination, or just stab & snipe.

Read the tablet to complete the location, and gain an ability point.

Confirm kill the bandit leader to complete the mission.

This also grants the Seven Farmers achievement, and transforms your Broken Bow into the rare-quality Ancestral Bow.

While you're here, be sure to loot the side chambers, and venture through the crack in the far wall of the tablet room to reach Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat.

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