Shadya's Rest (Side Quest)

Shadya's Rest (Side Quest)

A follow up to the awful events of the hunt for the Crocodile. Speak with Hotephres in his Faiyum Oasis farm to begin.

Find your friend making some questionable decisions.

Speak with him, and follow him to the river, where Khenut is all but catatonic with grief.

Bayek has a notion for a ritual that requires a heron feather. Any such feather will do- you can break now to hunt one down, but if you already have one in inventory, the quest resumes immediately.

But before the ritual can begin, the abuse of nearby farmer rouses Khenut from her grief. As she begins to recover, Bayek is tasked to hunt down the abuser.

The captain moves away in real time, so you can ambush him, and his two guards, as they travel.

Predator arrows remain a useful tool here.

You can also use the crops for stealth, and the pigeon towers for sniping perches and air attacks. When the captain is dead, confirm the kill to find an unusual badge.

Return the couple to gain more info, and complete the ritual.

This in turn completes the quest.

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