Smoke Over Water (Side Quest)

Smoke Over Water (Side Quest)

One more from the Sais bulletin board.

Follow Senu to the docks, and Egypt's own Molly Malone.

Grab a boat and head south down the river. When get you closer, use Senu to track Jeska to the local hippopotamus lair.

You wont have to kill all these hippos- when you draw close Jeska will start driving them off and she's pretty good at it. Speak to her when the waters have settled.

She has things to do before she can return to Sais. Hop on the boat a hear her out, then head to her village.

Her village, unfortunately, is Mefkat, a smoking ruin lad waste by the guards (our location guide here).

Tag them with Senu, then eliminate them.

Speak to Jeska afterward, and you'll find a survivor. Carry him to your horse (or at least a horse), and ride to the objective marker.

Your conversation with Jeska there completes the mission.

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