Smugglers of Cyrene (Side Quest)

Smugglers of Cyrene (Side Quest)

The final team-up for Bayek and Mouse.

Speak with Mouse in Apollonia to learn his latest scheme, then follow him down to the docks.

The papers are being carried by a guard there, but not the non-objective treasure in the western building as well.

This one of the few places to get carbon crystals outside an actual fort or bandit den.

Trail and kill the paper-holder for his documents, as well as any pesky witnesses.

Meet with Mouse down by the docks to get a bead on the contraband drop spots.

Despite the wide area on the map, these actually turn out to all be pretty close together when scanned.

You will, however, find the area littered with Roman soldiers in boats. You can ignore them and their little arrows, or swim out and kill them hand-to-hand, but predator shots remain the most efficient irritant-remover.

Swim down and gather the four Smuggler's Loot items from the sea bed.

Your meet with Mouse is is some nearby ruins, but forward scans show that things aren't go well- Mouse is captured, and bandits prowl the perimeter.

Use the bushes and pillars to stage ambushes, and headshots for anyone who refuses to be lured. Free Mouse when the killing is over.

The following conversation completes the mission (and earns you a rare heavy blade).

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