Sobek's Gold (Side Quest)

Sobek's Gold (Side Quest)

A side quest in north Euhemeria, in Faiyum.

Trigger this one by intervening in a young man's public beating.

The boy is accused of stealing two gold statues- you must recover them to clear his name. Both are in the waters north of here, by the Oketeres Blockade.

The easier one is on the sea floor, as the boy's story suggested. The mast of the wreck is visible just a smidgen northeast from the stern of the eastmost ship in the blockade, and the first statue is a bit north of that.

You can snag this statue without killing anyone, but clearing the near ship will ensure no future ambushes. Plus, there's the location objectives to think of. Start at the prow of the boat and work your way aft- your first kill will likely be the blockade's captain.

Use the command tent as visual cover to maintain surprise. Also, the other ships are a little too far away to see what's happening here, but if you can keep your kills hidden from sight, so much the better.

When you get to the stern of the ship, dive down and retrieve the smaller-than expected statue of Sobek from its cloth.

Note that there are treasure chests just north and south of this spot, but they count towards the Sunken Trireme location, not the Okteres Blockade location.

Surface and turn your attention to central ship in the blockade, ie the biggest one.

All the interesting stuff is at the prow/north end of the ship- the fleet commander, a location treasure, and the second Sobek statue, recovered from the depths. Still, to avoid later entanglements, you may want to again start from the south end and work your way north, killing everyone aboard. With their attention focused outward, this is quick work.

It's only the commander and his guard that might be too close together to be stealthed traditionally. Chainkill or snipe to finish conquering the ship.

The location treasure is in a small box on the commander's desk.

The second Sobek is on the minithrone behind.

If you want to complete the blockade location while you're here, the final marked treasure is on the westmost boat.

As usual, sneaking in from the stern gives a number of killing options, particularly with just three hostiles, and no observers from the central boat.

The treasure itself is in a small red chest inside the command tent.

Claiming it completes the location.

Return to the priest, but he's largely unmoved.

He'll summon two very tanky guards to keep the peace. Take them out and priest himself to end his reign of terror. Best bet is to kill one with headshots, then take apart the other guard at your leisure- the priest isn't really a factor.

Speak to the fallen boy and explain his choices to complete the mission.

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