Striking the Anvil (Side Quest)

Talk to Benipe for a quest to retrieve his tools and kill the captain who took them. This mission serves as a template for other camp raids, and like other camp raids you should send Senu to do some detailed recon of the site.

In particular you'll want to note soldier positions and numbers. Both for your own information and so that Senu can visualize them for you later. You'll also want to plan an angle of attack. There are many options to choose from, including the watchtower, but perhaps the easiest is to approach from the rocks backing the camp, onto the uppermost ledge overlooking the area. It's generally good practice to wait until dusk or nightfall to make your approach.

One guard regularly comes here to look over the camp. Sneak up and take him out. Note that non-lethal takedowns can't be carried away like bodies, but no other guards come up here unless something spooks them later. Drop down and either evade or try to take out the patrols. Either way, there's a guard in front of the hut holding the tools that doesn't move. Whistle him over to some bushes to take him down.

Loot the tools and the incidental containers nearby.

Loot the other tents as you move through the camp toward the captain. Do use your vision pulse as you go- many lootable 'containers' aren't obvious in appearance.

As you can tell by lining up a shot on him, the captain himself is tougher than the enemies you've faced so far.

Still he's not very bright. Situate yourself among the tents, and snipe him. A few headshots will whittle him down, and when he comes running for you, sneak back around the tent and put your reclaimed sword to good use.

Killing the captain completes this location.

You can continue to kill soldiers and loot the camp if you like, but when ready return to Benipe. He'll give a choice of rewards- mace, bow, shield, and spear. Because you already have each of the others, I recommend giving the spear a whirl, but there are no lasting repercussions to this choice. Making your pick completes the mission

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