Swenett Outpost (Location)

Swenett Outpost (Location)

A hostile encampment in Yebu Nome. It plays a part in the Crocodile Tears and National Treasures side quest.

Both treasures are in the central two-level building. One officer has an office there, the other quarters in the larger building southeast.

The constant ground patrols below and the officers' love of balconies makes this a sniper's paradise. Do, however, watch out for the relative paucity of arrows around here- even the watchtowers are mainly ammo-less.

With the officers dead, dash or slaughter your way to the central building. If you plan to do the National Treasures side quest while you're here, 'slaughter' might make things a little easier for you.

Either way, there's one treasure on each of the two levels of the building. On the upper level is a carbon crystal box.

On the lower level is a red chest. Loot both to complete the location.

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