Taking Liberty (Side Quest)

Taking Liberty (Side Quest)

This Quest is gained via a note in the Necropolis Hideout (which you'll pass through during The Good Roman side quest).

Follow your marker to the Roman Quarry Camp in the Green Mountains.

The captain and treasure are both toward the middle of this camp, the latter tucked away in the captain's tent.

Approach the tent from the northeast, to bypass the barricade around it.

If the captain is in the tent, drop down and attack from the front door or the backflap- whichever way he isn't facing.

When he's dead, loot the red chest in the corner for your treasure.

This completes the location

There's no particularly elegant way to reach your objective marker- just scale any of the quarry walls to the west, and make your way to the door.

There are no hostiles inside, but you will find the body of the man you seek. Inspect it to realize his bracelet is missing.

Senu can tag the soldier who stole it.

He wanders around camp, but does frequent the training area south of the command tent. Ambush him there to reclaim the wedding bracelet as a quest item.

If like, you can also drop down to the lower level and free the prisoners before you leave.

Note that there may be bandits mixed among them, who will be as hostile to you and the civilians as they are to the guards. Consider immediate assassination of these killers.

When done here, follow your marker to a small farm.

Speak with the woman there to complete the quest.

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