Taste of Her Sting (Side Quest)

Taste of Her Sting (Side Quest)

This is classed as a level 17 quest, but you can start it much earlier- the first part is just investigating four crime scenes scattered about the world map, but none of them involve combat. Note also that, after investigating one crime scene, you can go straight to the final cave and fight it out- you lose no XP or loot opportunities this way. If you do investigate first, be sure to use your scan-pulse; evidence will be hilighted by golden triangles. The crime scenes are-

  • The Lost Crypt island in Lake Mareotis (where you found the drunken husband in the Hidden Tax quest).

Look for the bloodied cloth,

the bloodied scroll atop the steps,

the fallen figure at the bottom of the steps,

the sarcophagus by the water,

and its lid, floating in the water.

  • The Crocodile Lair in Kanopus Rome.

Look for a scroll on some bricks to the right of the altar,

the sarcophagus on the altar itself,

a tiny statue hidden in the reeds near the loot box,

and the abandoned boat.

  • The Sapi-Res Ruins

Look for a scroll on a fallen brick by the water

The sarcophagus cloth

tracks by the water's edge,

The body, at the bottom of the water, by the local treasure box.

  • Shrine of Serapis

A small shrine in the northeast. You'll be looking for the body at the base of the cliff,

which leads through a crack in the wall to a hidden chamber, with Serqet's symbol,

a stained table,

and then back outside and up the cliff to the shrine proper, for a scorpion graffit'd on the back,

and a scroll at the cliffside.

When you have 'solved' all four locations, the various prayer scraps become the the Quest Item Prayer to Serqet

You can stop by the Ruined Temple just south of the fast travel point here, or you can head straight to the cave.

Explore it discover the sign of Serqet on the wall, and some creepy conclave beyond.

Enter through the cracked passage and speak to the Prophet of Serqet who, as you might expect, is up to no good.

This turns into a 3 on 1 fight. The Prophet is the toughest foe here, so take out the other two first- just to keep them off your back. If possible, try to isolate them using the room's furniture as obstacles.

When they're gone, you can turn your full attention to the Prophet- a typical tower-shield heavy hitter. Killing him abruptly ends the mission.

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