Temple of Hathor (Location)

Temple of Hathor (Location)

A crumbling temple in the south of Memphis.

Enter from the north, and scale the outer wall.

At night, there should only be one guard patrolling the inner wall. Cross over using the banner-rope, and assassinate him.

This perch is key piece of ground- there are three guards around the north outer curtain here, and captain, who patrols between the inner core and the outer wall. Dropkill him when he's on the inside of the inner wall.

Take out the other three the same way. While their resting positions are too far away from the walls for a flying assassination, all will occasionally patrol around a corner or down the way, bringing them into range.

Before returning to ground level for good, snipe any upper level watchman. There should be at least one to south west.

Head to the south gate of the complex. The last treasure is here, along with a prisoner cage. This is also the spot where Panchrates is held during the 'Lizard's Mask' quest. Note that Senu scans may reveal other treasures, but those are part of the Hathor Cistern location, covered here.

The treasure itself is in a large red chest by the right/western statue's feet.

Grab it to complete the location.

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