Temple of Hatshepsut (Location)

Temple of Hatshepsut (Location)

An enemy-occupied area west across the water from Thebes- this one is large, but not very complex. You'll pass through here during the Lady of Grace quest.

A good angle of attack is to come in from the pyramid on the south side. There are no hostiles in this area, and you can use scaffolding here to easily reach the building at the top of the causeway.

Go all the way to the roof. This gives you an excellent sniper's vantage over pretty much the whole area, including the building itself, which is used as an office for one of the captains.

Be sure to trap the brazier while you're up top, then snipe or dropkill the captain. Inside this room, you'll find the first treasure of the area.

There's another loot box on the level directly below this one. Drop down from the side of the causeway, and re-enter the building, looking for a large red box.

After this, you may want to revisit the roof and snipe anyone that looks like they might be trouble. The local commander also wanders by here regularly, and may present a target of opportunity.

From the roof, look north for a flight of stairs leading down.

Take those stairs, then hang a right at the bottom. This will lead to a small room with some cages (a quest objective for The Lady of Grace is here), and high windows. These windows lead to another captain's office.

Use the windows to pay a visit on the captain. A deadly visit.

That does it for assassination perquisites, now for the last two treasures. One is almost dead center of the compound, right where the fortress icon appear on the map. Follow the maker to a curtained alcove.

Inside, find the treasure in a red box.

The last treasure is a little trickier. Scans will show it an upper level room in the north of the complex, but there aren't any doors that lead there. At least, no doors that you can open. The entry point here turns out to be a high, square window next to some wooden supports, on an east-facing outer wall.

Inside are several adjoining treasure rooms. They're stuffed with lootables, but the last location treasure is a small box of carbon crystals on a small throne.

Claim them to complete the temple.

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