The Akropolis (Location)

The Akropolis (Location)

The enormous complex in Cyrene, Kyrenaika, that plays a key role in the main quest, and many side quests.

As might be expected, the Acropolis grounds are vast, so scan thoroughly. You'll also want to rescan periodically to hilight nearby guards. There's one treasure in the northeastish corner in a houselike structure, one near the northmost corner, underground, and two toward the southwest of the compound. We'll take them in turn,

A good point of access is the northmost guard tower.

Clear the tower area for a good vantage on the area. You may want to trap the brazier here, just as a matter of good practice.

A captain's office is just south of the tower. Drop down the corner to the privy area, then hop inside his window.

He's weirdly reluctantly to leave his desk (whistles and loud noises don't seem to budge him), so you can either risk charging around the door with arrows or sleep darts, or creeping out through the front of the building to arrange a sneak attack.

Either way, when he's down, go one room south and descend the ladder there.

This tunnel leads to the first treasure, in a white chest.

Retrace your steps to the battlements,and proceed along them counterclockwise, stealth-killing anyone you encounter. Trap the next brazier.

As before, the corner here has a privy area for discreet descents/dropkills.

Duck into the building right there, against the west wall, for treasure two in a red chest.

The next treasure is just across the patio here, to the northeast. Take the balcony up to the roof, and use the bushes/tent here to sneak across to it.

The treasure is an another red chest, on this first floor.

Take the ladder down to a lower level.

The south door of this room is right on the base commander's patrol route, and the ideal for stealthy takedown (though it's also close to his usual watch position, if you get impatient).

Stow his body in the room you just came out of, then retrace your steps back to the battlements, again using bushes and walls for cover.

You'll want to work all the way around, past the original brazier and tower, to almost the northeast corner, and this two-story houselike structure, which holds the final treasure.

Drop down and enter through the window.

Snipe the last captain, then stealthkill the door guard as he starts to panic.

Go back inside, and up the ladder. The final treasure is a small box on the table here.

Taking it completes the location, and leaves you in a perfect position to assault the central building, if you find yourself needing to.

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