The Baker's Dilemma (Side Quest)

The Baker's Dilemma (Side Quest)

A side quest in Memphis, available when you first arrive.

Speak to the baker in the marker for a quest to retrieve her taster, and strike a blow for liberty.

Senu will locate the youth in a chariot-cage rumbling around the streets to the southeast.

To avoid an unseemly chase, try to take the driver down in a single go. An arrow dead between the eyes will do the trick.

Open or smash the cage, and carry the taster away (Bayek should really start carrying around some crutches for all these captives).

Drop him at the baker's, on the blue rug.

This reveals a poisonous plot in the garrison- dispatch Senu to ID all the suspect jars in the complex.

Enter the garrison through the north door. There's a single guard you can whistle-lure to his doom.

Getting him out of the way gives you a straight shot to the commander's desk. Luckily for you, it faces south.

Assassinate the commander, and loot the first location treasure from his desk.

Lure in the doorway guard, if he isn't already suspicious, and take him out as well. From here on out, the important thing to note is that few of the 'walls' here actually reach the ceiling. Use them to get a drop on pretty much anyone who crosses your path.

When you've cleared some breathing room here, go smash the pots. They're giant orange things- hard to miss.

Smashed the two jar caches on this side of the complex ( for five jars smashed in total), head south, then east, to find a hole in the wall for easy passage.

Take out targets of opportunity, then shimmy up the ladder on the south side of the captain's building here.

Patrols come and go here. When they're doing the latter, shimmy back down to execute the captain.

The last two pots are right here by the pillars. Smashing them instantly ends the mission.

The last location treasure is inside the captain's quarters- red chest in the corner.

Claiming it completes the location.

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