The Ballad of Si-Mut and Gertha (Side Quest)

The Ballad of Si-Mut and Gertha

The local wild-goose chase in the Sinai is The Ballad of Si-Mut and Gertha. Begin it by tracking down Si-Mut, wandering and babbling on the road south east of Klysma Quarry.

Speak with him to hear fractured tales of a lost treasure.

The first stop on your search is the Cave of Ur'in, which you'll find guarded by four bandits.

They're badly placed for a stealth run- you can either whistle-kill them away, or just slaughter en masse. Either way, enter the cave door once they've been cleared.

Both location treasures are in this single small room, as is your next clue. Read the scroll in the tigerskin rug's mouth for a new target.

This turns out to be a hyena lair to the south.

There are a fair number of hyenas, but nothing you can't handle.

When you've cleared them, investigate their den for some treasure, and another Si-Mut scroll.

This clue points toward Reaver's Canyon.

The clue is hidden in the camp sewage pit. If you haven't already cleared it out, consider going at night- only a single guard will stand in your way.

Ignite the privy wall to reveal a hidden doorway to the left.

Inside, find some giant bones, and another clue scroll.

This one leads you the Underwater Quarry.

Use Senu to ID your goal, and find Si-Mut waiting for you (do watch out for snakes though- they're everywhere).

You'll have to search red pots on the ocean floor for the lost treasure, but they're all inside the little harbor there- you won't have to swim out to croc-infested waters.

Return with the treasure to Si-Mut, then follow him to his camel, Gertha, to complete the mission.

Your reward is Gertha herself, who is among the most surefooted of camels, if you like camels.

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