The Champion (Sidequest)

The Champion (Sidequest)

A side quest in Faiyum Oasis. The docks of Krokodopolis, to be precise. This one will involve a lot of talking.

Head to the marker to see a street fight go badly for an older fighter. Challenge his attacker.

There's not a lot of strategy here- just keep raining down the blows. When your adrenaline fills, use it immediately- it's a nearly guaranteed KO.

Talk to the old man, who will unilaterally adopt you, and walk to another fight.

Use the same tactics- though this fighter will flee into the river when his health gets low. Hilarus is impressed anyway, and bids you meet him atop the local lighthouse at night. Presumably, you do.

He appears at the tower base- there is a conveniently placed hay pile to join him quickly.

You'll walk and talk, then Hilarus will suddenly turn it into a race. Don't stress if you fall behind- he'll run out of breath toward the end.

Your next fight takes place in a brothel- you'll fight a new challenger, then be ambushed by the two fighters you've already faced.

Hilarus will aid you in this fight,and they still aren't very tough opponents. Just remember your adrenaline knockdown, and this will be over in no time. The final cutscene gives Hilarus some new prospects in life, and completes the mission.

Note that you can check back in with Hilarus later to see how things are going for him.

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