The Crocodile's Jaws (Main Quest)

The Crocodile's Jaws (Main Quest)

This quest is made available immediately after completing The Crocodile's Scales. Investigate the area outside the arena in Krokodilopolis for a way to get your hands on the gladiators you seek.

There are many clues, but the plot advancer is the bald man by the front doors, who owns the place.

He doesn't have anything nice to say to you, but he does give you a line on another Siwan gladiator who might be able to vouch for you. Use Senu to tag your target by the south-east obelisk.

Speak to her- turns out she's an old friend of Bayek's.

Unlike Claridas, you won't need a drunken brawl to get her help. When ready, talk to Felix back at the arena.

He grudgingly accepts you, and at least doesn't give you the same nickname Hilarus did. Follow him for a tour of the grounds.

The tour ends with a duel against Kensa. It's just some sparring, so you only need to take her to about half health. She doesn't shield as much as the soldiers, so a series of steady attacks, finishing with an adrenaline boost, should take her down quickly.

A bit more cutscene and you'll find yourself 'backstage' in the arena. You can talk to the other gladiators here to learn their stories, but there's no loot or secrets to be found.

Talk to Felix to start the first match- you and Kensa against a rabble of no-names. You can only use the weapons Felix equips you with, so no fancy flames or poisons for you here.

Do note that the spiky traps here aren't just decorative- they can hurt you if you get close, and enemies can be pushed or lured into them for damage. As for Kensa, she does decent damage, but she's one of the least aggressive NPC partners you'll have in the game, so be prepared to lead every charge yourself. The first wave is four basic swordsmen. Beat them and gates all around the arena will open, disgorging a total of five more swordsmen.

The third and final wave is two swordsmen and two shield-and-spear types. As will be standard, quickly kill the two swordsmen first to take them off the board, then you can pick apart the spear-carriers. Don't expect Kensa's help flanking them.

Their death ends the round. There's a cutscene, and you'll be backstage again. Read the note on Felix' desk for a hint about the Crocodile's m.o.

Speak to Kensa about it, then Felix. He's not helpful.

He does throw you into the arena with the lion, so there's that.

The first round has 3 swordsmen and 1 spearman. The lion is caged, but you can free it at any time by smashing the door. It tends to attack the closest target, so you can try to use it against the enemy. Round two is two swordsman and a heavy mace-wielder. Again, Kensa is virtually no help in flanking or attacking him from behind.

She does redeem herself somewhat in the next round- she can one-shot lions with her bow.

Your biped opponents are two spearmen and a heavy. Try to keep the one you're fighting between you and the others to avoid getting stabbed from behind. Otherwise, it's a normal fight.

Backstage again, one of the other gladiators has been killed on a side-job. Talk to Horus for the backstory, if you like, but talk to Felix for your next match.

This one's a solo match for Bayek- first a heavy and two swordsmen, then a heavy with a shield. Even if you have trouble charging up your shield breaker before he counter attacks, you can use shield hits to knock him into traps.

The last round is two swordsmen and a shield-and-sword captain type. He can also be knocked into traps for both damage and tactical advantage.

Killing this last wave ends the match. Your next fight is against the Gallic brothers. Horus has some good advice for you in that regard.

Talk to Felix to start the match. You'll want to begin by luring one of the brothers away, leaving Kensa to (hopefully) keep the other distracted. It's better to take out Viridovix first, which is handy, because he's by far the brother most likely to chase you.

Do watch out for Viridovix' extremely long reach- his scythe is long, he can leap incredibly far, and he has a missile attack as well. Make frequent use of your dodge to score hits on his back and side, also keep an eye out for his running charges, which generally cause him to charge right past you, leaving him vulnerable, Use your own adrenaline charge against him as soon as it fills (it'll work from quite a range).

When he's down, you can focus on Diovocis. His main move is a body slam that knocks you to the ground. This is annoying, but with Kensa on your side and no one else to attack you when you're downed, it's very survivable.

Just keep pouring on the hits until the second brother goes down as well.

A cutscene plays in which you get your intel at scythepoint, and are less kind to Kensa that you might be.

You'll meet Shadya's father outside. Speak to him to discuss your next move.

This final showdown will take place among the sprawling grounds of the Kerkesoucha Granary.

The granary is vast, as big as some cities, so scan carefully before your assault. If you're looking to complete the location objectives at the same time here, note that two of the treasures are in the villa, on the second floors of the west and north buildings.

The other two are in the command post in the center of the granary grounds.

It's actually not a bad idea to infiltrate the villa during the day. Security is light, the civilians won't do anything if they see you, and all you have to do is hop the wall to get in.

You can loot the local treasure while you're here (see our location guide on the Granary here for more detail), but then it's time to to hunt down the Crocodile. She spends most of the day in the in the granary, but she does pop back by the villa from time to time. Her new bodyguard is Kensa, apparently the gladiator willing to do the things that the Gallic brothers were not.

If you don't want to fight your old partner, a headshot from cover, from a distance, will kill Berenike, but not immediately reveal you.

Circle around Kensa while she searches, and confirm the kill.

The Crocodile is unrepentant, but she is still dead.

This kill completes the mission.

Don't worry about Kensa catching up with you after, you'll be nigh-immediately booted back to Layla in the 'real world.' Abstergo has sent forces to kill you.

Go to the front door and hide in the bushes- you can ambush the first guy as he goes for the Animus.

You don't have any big weapons, so all your kills need to be stealth kills. Snag your next homicide by taking the path upward, jumping up the beshrubbed minicliff, and killing the guy up top.

Veer right to get the guy by the cave mouth.

And loop back toward the Animus for the last.

Things go bad on the other end of the walke-talkie, and as a storm howls outside, the only thing left is to return to the Animus.

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