The Final Weighing (Main Quest)

The Final Weighing (Main Quest)

This begins immediately after the end of The Aftermath. We rejoin the action outside Siwa.

The streets are littered with bodies of the dead and mad, which isn't great. Try not to trample them as you ride toward the vault.

You will encounter checkpoints on the main road in, but they can easily be evaded, or sniped from afar.

You can evade other guards by climbing up the southeast wall of the temple compound when you reach it, and proceeding by rope and rooftop.

Drop down through the roof of the main temple.

Proceed toward the vault, but watch out for a pair of sentries in the next room, guarding the northwest door.

Keep going down- there will just be one more pair of guards before the vault itself, and they have their backs to you.

Enter the vault to find wonders. And also Hepzefa's corpse, at which point Bayek simply loses it.

Carry the body out of the vault, for an account of what happened here.

You regain control at Hepzefa's funeral.

Speak to the healer for a legendary sword- one that sets things on fire.

Speak with Aya for a lead on Flavius' location.

Before you rush off, you can visit some of the other graves here as well.

When ready, follow your marker to the Green Mountains. Use Senu to tag the appropriate villa.

When you arrive, things are weird.

After a talk, have Senu scan the farm for survivors. You'll find one upstairs in a building surrounded by hostiles.

You should be able to evade the baddies entirely (if you want to), by entering the search area from the west, but you'll have to escort through this area in a moment,so best to wipe them out. Their erratic movement makes it relatively easy to pick them off from the herd, if you want to go stealthy. WHen ready, find the survivor on the second floor balcony to hear her telling of events.

After, walk the women to the cart. Stay very close, to make sure the event triggers correctly.

Praxilla will send you to a friend in the Agora of Cyrene. Senu can find him.

It's not clear why his help is needed or welcome- all he tells you is that Flavius rules from the Acropolis, which surely everyone here knows, and Bayek could figure out in two seconds based on Senu's sight and the massive concentration of guards.

Still, a lead's a lead. Thank Diocles, and head for the Akropolis.

As might be expected, the Akropolis grounds are vast, so scan thoroughly. You'll also want to rescan periodically to highlight nearby guards. There's one treasure in the northeastish corner in a houselike structure, one near the northmost corner, underground, and two toward the southwest of the compound. We'll take them in turn.

A good point of access is the northmost guard tower.

Clear the tower area for a good vantage on the area. You may want to trap the brazier here, just a matter of good operational practice.

A captain's office is just south of the tower. Drop down the corner to the privy area, then hop inside his window.

He's weirdly reluctantly to leave his desk (whistles and loud noises don't seem to budge him), so you can either risk charging around the door with arrows or sleep darts, or creeping out through the front of the building to arrange a sneak attack.

Either way, when he's down, go one room south and descend the ladder there.

This tunnel leads to the first treasure, in a white chest.

Retrace your steps to the battlements,and proceed along them counterclockwise, stealth-killing anyone you encounter. Trap the next brazier.

As before, the corner here has a privy area for discreet descents/dropkills.

Duck into the building right there, against the west wall, for treasure two in a red chest.

The next treasure is just across the patio here, to the northeast. Take the balcony up to the roof, and use the bushes/tent here to sneak across to it.

The treasure is an another red chest, on this first floor.

Take the ladder down to a lower level.

The south door of this room is right on the base commander's patrol route, and ideal for a stealthy takedown (though it's also close to his usual watch position, if you get impatient).

Stow his body in the room you just came out of, then retrace your steps back to the battlements, again using bushes and walls for cover.

You'll want to work all the way around, past the original brazier and tower, to almost the northeast corner, and this two-story houselike structure, which holds the final treasure.

Drop down and enter through the window.

Snipe the last captain, then stealthkill the door guard as he starts to panic.

Go back inside, and up the ladder. The final treasure is a small box on the table here.

Taking it completes the location.

Now to finish things. Climb to the roof of this building, and use the rope to get to the Akropolis proper.

Just climb up the wall and aim for the window with the secret passage icon. It's between two widely spaced guards, so you shouldn't be spotted.

Entering the window triggers the final confrontation with Flavius.

This fight isn't so much hard as it is annoying- Flavius, and later his phantom proxies, will teleport in, attack,and fade away. They also fade away if you attack them, aim at them, or look at them. Their attacks are so infrequent you'll have time to heal up between them, it's just a matter of dealing any damage. And dealing with how dowdy and ridiculous those Ancient Order uniforms are.

Seriously- like rejects from the very first season of Doctor Who. Tactics to try here are quick use of the light bow, especially against the Order phantoms, and using the spear's backswing to damage ambushers. Shields that induce Sleep can also be effective against Flavius.

Most adrenaline effects are no good here- the best bet is the dual swords leap, but even that is hit-or-miss. Whichever method works best for you, you essentially can't lose as long as you keep swinging. The only really damaging attack appears late in the fight, when Flavius manifests an exploding warp bubble attack. Exit the red perimeter before it goes off to evade damage.

When Flavius finally dies, confirm the kill to end all this.

This also ends the mission.

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