The Hungry River (Side Quest)

The Hungry River

A relatively involved quest that starts south of Apollodorus' Estate in Kanopos Nome, and is available after the Wild Ride side quest.

Talk to the couple by the side of the road to learn of bandit raids and hippo attacks. Bayek will agree to recover the bodies of the dead, of which there are four. Carry each one back to the couple (the distance is so small it's not worth summoning a mount)

Be alert going to retrieve the farthest, final body- additional hippos will suddenly spawn to fight you.

Take them down with melee or retreat to fill them with arrows. Just don't let yourself get caught between two of them. When they're out of the way, and the last body is returned, you'll get an objective to clear the bandit camp in Sap-Meh Nome.

You'll note that some of the enemies have the specific status of 'Ambushing,' meaning they're readying to attack anything that comes in the canyon way. You can easily evade them from attacking up top, or snipe them- they're too far from camp to raise a ruckus. Sniping, in fact, is good way to deal with almost everyone here (there is an arrow cache down below for reloading).

Kill as many bandits as you can- soon you'll be protecting an NPC who'll want to fight all of them. He's at the bottom level by the treasure, but do reload from the ammo cache by the wooden bridge before freeing him.

Protect him from any remaining bandits, then speak to him again outside camp. Fat Homer is going to lead a raid with his hungry, hungry hippos, and you two have to stop him.

Ride to the village and attack the bandits. They're pretty spread out, so you should only have to deal with one at a time. Still- watch your hits. While you can't do damage to friendly NPCs, some neutral NPCs seem be hurt by your weapons.

There are about seven bandits to take care of, but Meketre can probably take down one or two all by himself. Speak with him again after all bandits are dead to complete the mission.

Do note the Ptolemy statue out in front of the town.

This area also has frequent Rogue Animal and Predator Attack events, if you're looking for a few extra XP.

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