The Killer Shadow (Side Quest)

The Killer Shadow

The launcher for this Side Quest is actually below ground level- look for the mine due west of the Bureau in Klysma.

Drop down and read the hilighted papyrus to begin the mission proper.

Follow that same passage eastward (ie further underground) to discover Seshat's Grotto.

There's a pair of guards to the south here. You can snipe them, ignite the hay at their feet, or whistle one over and chainkill the other, but whatever you chose, they both need to die.

When they're gone, smash open the wooden panel in the right corner behind them.

This leads to a small cavern of child slaves. Before seeing to their plight, you might check out the south end of the cave, where both location treasures can be found.

Looting both completes the location.

Speak to the quest-marked child for a mission to kill a slaver named Harwa, in the far north.

Harwa will be in motion on the road, but Senu can tag him as you draw close. He's got a fair number of guards, but you should still start by head-shotting Harwa himself, to keep this from turning into a chase.

Dispose of the guards, then open the cage on the cart.

Carry the boy out, then set him down some distance from the cart to complete the mission.

Your reward for this mission (apart from the XP and incidental loot) is the Hammer of Ptah mount, one of doughtiest steeds in the game. With a reasonable run-up, there are very few slopes he won't attempt.

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