The Matriarch (Side Quest)

The Matriarch (Side Quest)

A Side Quest in Atef-Pehu Nome.

Pass by the marker to overhear a confrontation, and speak with the village leader to learn more.

The hostage she speaks of is being held in Kerke Wharf, to the east.

A sprawling place, but the captain you need to kill, the treasure you need to loot, and the hostage you need to rescue are all pretty much grouped together in the captain's tent by the shore watchtower.

Approach from the southwest shore. Snipe or sneak the pier guard (if there is one), and the watchtower guard.

Your next kill should be the captain. He seems easily distracted- if he's not moping around the tent, then he may be just playing in water, alone and unguarded. End him either way.

Enter his tent through the backflap.

Find the hostage, and loot the large red chest to complete the location.

Carry out the hostage to the way you came in.

Set her down, speak with her, then return to the Matriarch for more.

Interesting note- after giving you the next objective, she'll launch into an explanation for how all this happened. It's not required, but you can follow her to hear the whole story.

The next link in your chain is the opium boat- use Senu to tag it.

It often docks at Kerke Wharf- if you killed everyone here, it's a good place for an ambush, otherwise wait till it's out on the water. Either way, sneaking in from the prow allows you to avoid the crew.

Kill the guard in the tent, and read the ship manifest for your next move.

The Commander is in Memphis- follow your marker to a heavily guarded river boat.

One of the easiest attack vectors is the alley to the east- just lure in the near guard and assassinate them as they turn the corner.

You should only need to skrag one or two before the Commander himself takes the bait.

For some reason, he carries around a letter confessing to adopting Meritmaat's daughter as his own. Convenient.

Follow your marker to the daughter's house, and speak with her to complete the quest.

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