The Mousetrap (Side Quest)

The Mousetrap (Side Quest)

The first quest of a sequence in Kyrenaika.

Speak with the man at the story marker to hear his tale, and win an invitation back to his secret shop. Not at all suspicious.

But it turns out he's not planing to ambush you. Follow him through the streets of Cyrene, then find that Romans have captured Mouse's shop. It's just three swordsmen- fight them to death.

Speak to Mouse afterwards to learn that his treasure chest has been taken to the Cyrene Barracks.

The chest is in the same underground room as the bodies and second location treasure (see our location guide to the Cyrene Barracks HERE).

The catch is you actually have to carry it out on your shoulder, which means no fancy climbing. Climb up the stairs back into the northmost building, then head out the west window into the bushes.

There should just be a few guards milling about here. If resistance is heavy, set down the chest for a mount and get murdering, otherwise just make a break for it when the coast is clear. Ish.

Follow your maker to Mouse's office. Don't just set the chest down anywhere- walk to the indicated spot.

This completes the mission.

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